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Duratight group make a nice journey on April 24th, 2010 on Laoshan Mountain.

March 02, 2021

As a member of Qingdao Duratight Carbon Co. Ltd, it is my pleasure to take part in this kind of team work.

The whole day we talked, we walked, we played and we got!It was a good chance for us to know more about the culture of Duratight--- we are the one who takes customers’ need as our own need,the one who can offer you the best quality and service. We believe in the power of group. And we believe the power of you!

-----Iris from Department of International Marketing Development said to the Peninsula City Newspaper.


With beautiful sunshine and fresh breeze, we Qingdao Duratight colleagues take the step upward the Laoshan Mountain. For us, the mountain climbing is not only a sport but also a chance to strength communication between our colleagues. During climbing, we take care of each other and reach the destination without any trouble. It is so amazing to enjoy the peace valley with our group people. This climbing experience will be forgettable in our lives.

-------Frank (Export Department) said to the Qingdao Morning Newspaper