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DURATIGHT GROUP’s 2013 Annual Meeting

March 02, 2021

In Jan 11th ,2014, all Duartight’s people gathered together to celebrate the annual meeting. The meeting’s subject is “2014, we are ready”.

In the past year of 2013, Duratight realize the group operation. There are four subsidiaries and all of them are running well. In this year on basis of everyone’s effort, Duratight not only get the higher performance in business, but also realize the win-win cooperation. Duratight show her strong life force in her first decade.

This year all Duratight people have witnessed the group’s growing and share the success happily. For the next year of 2014, we will cooperate and work hard continually. All of Duratight people say from heart, “2014, we are ready”, and warmly welcome the second decade of Duratight.

This moment, here, all Duratight people stretch their arms to welcome the New Year and welcome the future.