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Because most of the lubricating oil will decompose and even catch fire at higher temperature, many equipment running at high speed, high pressure and high temperature can not use ordinary lubricating oil to improve the wear resistance of moving parts. Therefore, at present, bearings, pistons, piston rings and sealing rings made of carbon and graphite materials are used in some mechanical equipment. These parts made of carbon and graphite materials can be used in corrosive medium in the temperature range of - 200 ℃ to + 200 ℃, and can operate normally without lubricating oil at high speed (such as 100 m / s).

All kinds of graphite products produced by our factory are widely used in various mechanical equipment of modern industry. Because of its self-lubricating, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it can meet the sealing requirements of strong corrosion, flammable and explosive and radioactive media. It effectively solves the problems of "running, emitting, dripping and leaking" in chemical equipment, and has a good effect on improving working conditions, product quality and productivity. This kind of products are widely used in all kinds of pumps and mixing machinery, high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine, compressor, chemical reaction kettle, sealing ring of mechanical seal components, oxygen generator, piston ring of blower, canned motor, bushing and submersible motor, graphite bearing for various instruments, gasoline pump, vacuum pump, gas compressor, printing machine, compound air pump, etc., and safety protection in chemical equipment Bursting film, plate, valve plate and arc block in cigarette equipment, etc.

Excellent properties of graphite

1) Excellent self lubrication;

2) Good chemical corrosion resistance;

3) High thermal conductivity and thermal stability;

4) Sufficient mechanical strength and impact resistance;

5) Easy to machine, can be processed into a variety of geometric products.

Main technical specifications:

Article number

density >g/cm3

Flexural strength >MPA

compressive strength >MPA

Shore hardness

Temperature resistance℃













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