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How to maintain the graphite rotor?

February 23, 2023

Graphite rotor is composed by two parts: rotor rod and impeller. Argon or nitrogen is blown into the aluminum melt through the rotor rod and impeller. The graphite rotor with high speed breaks up the argon of the aluminum melt to form many small bubbles and makes them dispersed in the metal liquid, and contacts with the bubbles to generate the adsorption principle to purify the solution. So, how do we maintain the graphite rotor?


The impeller of the graphite rotor is made of high purity graphite. In addition to considering the bubble should be broken up, the structure of the impeller also uses the centrifugal force generated by the aluminum alloy solution to increase the contact area and contact time between the impeller and the aluminum alloy liquid, so as to improve the purification effect. The service life of the antioxidant protective coating can be extended to 50-60 days.

When the graphite rotor is immersed in the aluminum liquid, we must preheat the liquid level about 100mm above for 5 to 10 minutes to avoid the influence of cooling on the material. In addition, when the graphite rotor is immersed in the liquid, we must first pass the gas, and stop the gas supply when the graphite rotor is raised to the liquid level, so as to prevent the gas hole blockage of the graphite rotor impeller.