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Inspection of graphite crucible before application

April 24, 2023

Graphite crucible in the inspection work before the application of graphite crucible has excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance, in the whole process of high temperature application, linear expansion coefficient is small, has a certain resistance to sudden heat, cold. Strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkaline solutions, with high quality organic chemical reliability. In the metallurgical industry, forging, mechanical equipment, chemical plants and other industries are widely used for alloy tool steel smelter and rare metals and aluminum alloy smelting, and has a good safety engineering practical effect.

Generally speaking, in the inspection of graphite crucible before application, the key should ensure the following aspects

1.First to check whether the graphite crucible is cracked before the work, no cracks need to heat the graphite crucible to 600°C above sufficient dry.

2.There can be no water storage around the furnace and in the pit in front of the furnace, and irrelevant objects can not be piled around the graphite crucible.

3.Strictly check whether there is any explosive material in the return furnace waste, plus the return furnace waste must be heated and ensure that it is dry, and the rate of adding graphite crucible should be slow.

Before the application of graphite crucible, we must do well in the above aspects. The flame retardant of graphite crucible is very high, therefore, we must be sure to dinner graphite crucible raw material fire compressive strength, so as to make graphite crucible can be more safe application; Graphite crucible is often used with a variety of strong corrosion of organic chemical smelters, therefore, for the graphite crucible of organic chemical reliability is also very critical, so as to reduce the corrosion; The strength and ductility of graphite crucible are also factors that must be taken into account to prevent the graphite crucible from brittle fracture in application.