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How many degrees of graphite plate high temperature resistance

June 14, 2023

Graphite plate is widely used in the industrial field, which cannot be separated from its excellent performance. Among the many characteristics of graphite plate, good high temperature resistance is one of its outstanding characteristics. So how much high temperature resistance of graphite plate?

The structure of the graphite plate is an atomic crystal, and the carbon atoms are connected by a covalent single bond, resulting in a smooth regular hexagonal porous structure. Because covalent single bond is a kind of ionic bond with high bond energy, it needs relatively high kinetic energy to destroy, so graphite plate is relatively resistant to high temperature.

General ordinary graphite plate can withstand high temperature 1200℃, in high precision parts processing, electric discharge wire cutting, metallurgical industry forging and other industry application is no problem; The heat resistant graphite plate with good performance is made of high quality graphite carbon material, which effectively reduces the porosity and improves the volume density. It has better temperature resistance and can withstand the high temperature of 3000℃.