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How to properly impregnate graphite rotors with anti-oxidation coating

July 31, 2023

1Prepare dipping tank according to graphite rotor size specification. The dipping tank can be made of various materials according to the actual conditions, but it should be made of materials with acid corrosion resistance, good sealing, can not be infiltrated by liquid, with certain hardness and good durability.

2According to the size of the graphite rotor to be impregnated, pour a certain amount of graphite rotor anti-oxidation dipping solution into the dipping tank. Generally, the dipping solution should cover about 10 CM of the graphite rotor.

3Soak the graphite rotor in the impregnating agent for about half an hour at room temperature and pressure. If it is necessary to improve the oxidation resistance, more graphite rotor impregnation agent can be penetrated into the pores of graphite rotor by the method of vacuum impregnation. Decompression dipping equipment is required.

4Put the impregnated graphite rotor in a place with good ventilation conditions to dry naturally for about 2 to 3 days

5If you need to deal with a relatively small amount of graphite rotor, you can use the method of brushing, so that there is no need to use a tank, also do not need to pour a large amount of dipping liquid. Only need to put the graphite rotor antioxidants on the surface of the graphite rotor evenly coated 2 to 3 times, pay attention to the brushing time as slow as possible, so that the impregnation liquid more fully penetrated into the porosity of the graphite rotor.