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Reasons for using high purity graphite molds in different fields

August 09, 2023

When it comes to high purity graphite molds, I believe many people know that this product is called this name because it has good chemical and physical properties and high carbon content when it is used.

The reason why this product can be used in many industries is because of its high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient. So when we process this product, where can we use it? Here to tell you about high purity graphite mold.

This product can be used in the basic industrial process, and the tools used to process this product are used in the metallurgical industry, etc. And because this product is relatively easy to process, so after processing, it can be made into products of different shapes and specifications.

When we use high purity graphite mold for production, because of its own advantages, the precision of the product is relatively high when processing

Because of the use of high purity graphite mold, so now in our electronics industry, industry and other places have a very good role in promoting.