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Properties of products

September 11, 2023

1、The graphite rotor rotating nozzle is made of high purity graphite. The structure of the nozzle not only considers that bubbles should be dispersed, but also uses the centrifugal force generated by stirring the aluminum alloy melt to make the melt enter the nozzle and evenly mix with the horizontal gas ejection, forming a gas/liquid flow ejection, increasing the contact area and contact time of the bubbles and aluminum alloy liquid, and improving the effect of gas removal and purification.

2The speed of the graphite rotor can be adjusted stepless by the frequency converter speed control, up to 700 r/min. Graphite rotor specification is Φ70 mm ~ 250 mm, impeller specification is Φ85 mm ~ 350 mm, high purity oxidation resistant graphite rotor has high strength, high temperature resistance, aluminum corrosion resistance and so on. In the process of purification and degassing, the surface of the aluminum alloy liquid in the box is covered with nitrogen, so that the part of the graphite rotor exposed to the aluminum alloy liquid is in the inert gas, to prevent high temperature oxidation of the rotor and extend the service life of the rotor.

3The shape of the impeller is streamlined, which can reduce the resistance of rotation, and the friction and erosion force generated between the impeller and the aluminum alloy liquid is relatively small. Thus, the degassing rate is above 50%, the smelting time is shortened, and the production cost is reduced.

4The surface is treated with special oxidation resistance, and the service life is about 5 times that of ordinary products, which is widely used in aluminum alloy casting industry. 5, the service cycle is up to 2 months in aluminum plate casting, aluminum alloy wheel and other aluminum processing industry.