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Electronic sintered graphite mould for hot sintered diamond tools

November 23, 2022

Because the graphite mould has the advantage of particularly small thermal deformation, it can be used to manufacture the electronic sintered graphite mould and bracket of transistors. It has been widely used in the market, and it has become an indispensable raw material for the development of the semiconductor industry.


The electronic sintered graphite mould for hot-sintered diamond tools plays the dual role of heating element and mould support in the manufacturing process of diamond tools. The quality of graphite mould directly affects the dimensional accuracy and shape of diamond tools.


In addition, graphite mould can also be used for cast iron mould, all kinds of non-ferrous metal durable mould, cast steel mould, heat resistant metal mould (titanium, zirconium, molybdenum, etc.). And thermite welding mold and other rail welding.


Heating process requirements: temperature up to (10002), forming pressure 16~50MPa, holding pressure time 15~30min, the environment is not vacuum. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy and excellent performance of diamond tools, sintered graphite moulds are used to manufacture moulding and heating elements under such working conditions, which have not only electrical conductivity, high resistance, mechanical strength, but also good oxidation resistance. Diamond graphite mould requires high material hardness, good oxidation resistance and high processing precision. The use of high-quality graphite raw materials can greatly prolong the life of the mould and enhance the oxidation resistance.