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Excellent characteristics of graphite bearing:

1. Good self-lubricating property:

Due to its layered crystal structure and self-lubricating property, graphite is suitable for high temperature environment, liquid and other fields where lubricants are not suitable,

Especially in the state of no lubricant, compared with other materials, the friction coefficient is low, and it is difficult to adhere.

2. Good chemical corrosion resistance: not easy to be eroded by acid, alkali, inorganic salt and other chemicals.

3. Good heat resistance:

The mechanical strength and sliding characteristics will not change due to heat;

4. Excellent impact resistance

Compared with metal materials, the coefficient of thermal expansion is lower, the thermal conductivity is better, and even if the temperature changes sharply, there will be no cracks.

5. Benefit from lightweight design:

Compared with the metal material, the volume density is small, which is beneficial to the mechanical lightweight and reducing the sliding noise.

6. Widely used :

According to the customer's specific use environment and needs of graphite bearing deep processing, Graphite Bearing performed better on wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

Qingdao Duratight is specialized in the production of graphite products for many years. With rich experience in machining and production, we can provide our customers with high-quality graphite bearings.

Application fields: at present, Graphite bearing widely used in conveyor bearings, centrifugal pump bearings, submersible pump bearings, gear bearings, automobile, aviation, agricultural machinery and other aspects in food, beverage, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical and other industries. If grease lubricants are used in these parts, it will inevitably cause pollution. Graphite bearings have strong self-lubricating property, so it can be used instead of lubricating oil Long term operation.

Product specifications: according to customer size, the use of environmental requirements for customized production

Packing method: wooden box or wooden cage + pallet packing

Delivery time: 5-10 working days, depending on the order quantity

Graphite is widely used in various fields, as professional supplier, we will recommend and supply the most suitable grade for different fields. in addition, Duratight owns different Surface Treatments to meet special requirements. Welcome you to share your exact demand to our team.

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