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1.Advantages of graphite chill:

1. 1The internal and external parts of the casting can be cooled at the same time as soon as possible. Because of the high thermal conductivity of graphite chill, it absorbs more heat in a short time. By cooling the internal and external parts of the casting as soon as possible, not only the problems of loose texture and shrinkage cavity in the hot spot of the casting are solved, but also the metallographic structure of the casting is fine flake pearlite, the number of eutectic clusters can reach 450-550cm, the hardness of the casting can be increased by 20-50hb, and the surface smoothness and wear resistance of the casting are improved.

1.2 Graphite chilling is easy to operate. Because the proportion of graphite chilling is small, about 1 / 5 of that of metal chilling, it is light to handle, and it is not easy to drop when the sand mold (core) is turned over.

1.3Graphite chilling can be reused with low cost. Because the fire resistance of graphite chill is as high as 2800 ℃, it can withstand high temperature and is not easy to oxidize. It not only avoids casting defects such as white hole (cementite) and air hole. The surface of its graphite chilling material is not easy to burn, oxidize and crack, and its service life is 5-10 times longer than that of cast iron and other metal materials.

2.How to use graphite chilling material:

The graphite chill mould (core) is placed at the hot spot of the casting, the thickness of which is 0.6-1 times of the circle diameter of the hot spot of the casting. If it is used for iron castings, graphite coating should be applied on the cold iron. For copper castings, graphite coating or talcum powder coating can be applied on the cold iron to prevent the casting from carburizing and drying with the mold (core). The graphite cold iron material made by our company has the advantages of fixed carbon > 99%, light specific gravity (specific gravity 1.6-1.9g / cm3), high fire resistance (fire resistance 2800 ℃) and high thermal conductivity (21kcal / m · h · d). Therefore, using graphite chill produced by our factory as chilling material instead of metal chill can solve the problems of porosity and shrinkage of cast steel, cast iron, cast copper and cast aluminum. It can effectively solve the casting defects such as white hole and air hole caused by using metal chill.

3. Precautions for graphite chilling:

3.1 Do not use sharp objects to knock hard

3.2 No splashing

Application fields: steel casting, cast iron, cast copper, cast aluminum and other smelting industries

Product specifications: according to customer size, the use of environmental requirements for customized production

Packing method: wooden box or wooden cage + pallet packing

Delivery time: 5-10 working days, depending on the order quantity

Graphite is widely used in various fields, as professional supplier, we will recommend and supply the most suitable grade for different fields. in addition, Duratight owns different Surface Treatments to meet special requirements. Welcome you to share your exact demand to our team.

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