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At present, under the premise of the continuous improvement of industrial production process requirements, in order to achieve the best continuous casting effect, select the appropriate graphite material, and combined with the new production process of our company, the graphite mold is treated with oxidation resistance and wear resistance, which solves the problem of short service time of the mold on the market, greatly improves the production speed of customers and reduces the cost of enterprise The cost of industrial production.

Application: copper, aluminum, zinc, alloy and other non-ferrous metal continuous casting

Product specifications: according to customer size, the use of environmental requirements for customized production

Packing method: wooden box or wooden cage + pallet packing

Delivery time: 5-10 working days, depending on the order quantity

Graphite is widely used in various fields, as professional supplier, we will recommend and supply the most suitable grade for different fields. in addition, Duratight owns different Surface Treatments to meet special requirements. Welcome you to share your exact demand to our team.

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