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The excellent properties of graphite moulds which used in high temperature industries.

November 08, 2022

Graphite mould is widely used in industrial production, especially the high temperature sintering industry on the basis of process equipment, is the foundation of the national economy industry, mold industry in the modern industrial production, product parts are widely used in the stamping, forging, die casting, extrusion, injection molding and other processing methods, and to match the shape graphite mould, make the blank shape to meet the requirements of the product parts. The following durable high-tech materials share the excellent characteristics of graphite mold used at high temperature:

1.Graphite mould has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity;

2.Low linear expansion coefficient, good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance;

3. Resistant to chemical corrosion, most metals do not react easily.

4. At high temperatures (the sintering temperature of most copper substrates is above 800), the strength increases with the increase of temperature.

5. Excellent lubricity and wear resistance.

6.Easy processing, good processing function, can be made into different shape, high precision graphite mould.

All kinds of things and products used in our daily production and life, from the base of the machine tool, the shell of the body to the tire head screws, buttons, and the shell of various household appliances, are closely related to the graphite mould. The shape of the graphite mould determines the shape of these products, and the machining quality and precision of the mould also determines the quality of these products.