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How to use high purity graphite plate correctly?

February 07, 2023

In the whole process of high purity graphite plate production, there are some unnecessary errors in the whole operation process, which brings some extra inconvenience to the production. In order to prevent this from happening, graphite plate manufacturers introduce to you - the operation method of high purity graphite plate.

1. First of all, the impregnation tank must be prepared in advance in accordance with the specifications of high purity graphite plate, according to the specific situation can be made with a variety of raw materials, but must have strong acid and alkaline resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, and can not be penetrated by liquid, so it must have a certain strength.

2. According to the size of the high purity graphite plate to be impregnated, pour a certain amount of high purity graphite plate antioxidant impregnation liquid into the mesh impregnation tank.

3. If impregnation can be carried out at room temperature, the graphite must be put into the mold for half an hour according to the actual oxidation resistance.

4. Place the impregnated high purity graphite plate under the natural ventilation excellent standard. Of course, it can be used within 2-3 days. The correct application of high purity graphite plate can not only achieve good application results, but also reduce the errors in actual operation and ensure its economic benefits.