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High strength graphite rotor can be used in what industries

April 04, 2023

he graphite rotor works by breaking nitrogen (or argon) blown into the aluminum melt into a large number of dispersing bubbles, which are dispersed in the liquid metal. Bubbles in the melt by the gas differential pressure and surface adsorption principle, absorb the hydrogen in the melt, adsorption oxidation slag, and with the bubble rise and be taken out of the melt surface, so that the melt can be purified. Due to the small dispersion of bubbles, they are evenly mixed with the rotating melt, and then rotate to form a spiral shape and slowly float up. The contact time with the melt is long, and no continuous straight rising air flow will be formed, thus removing harmful hydrogen in the aluminum melt and significantly improving the purification effect. High strength graphite rotors can be used in the following industries:

1.Semiconductor Industry

2.Glass and refractory industries

3.Photovoltaic industry

4.Chemical and petrochemical industries

5.Nonferrous industry

 6. Auto Industry