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Usage methods for graphite crucible

March 28, 2023

1、High purity graphite crucible storage to dry or on the wooden shelf, gently handle carefully, do not have to explode.

2Select the appropriate crucible base, the appearance should be the same as the bottom of the crucible, the specification should be slightly larger (about 2 cm). For different kinds of crucible furnace, the appropriate relative height of crucible base should be selected to prevent the application of the old crucible base, otherwise it will greatly shorten the service life of the crucible.

3Importantly, proper preheating can increase the life of the crucible.

(1)According to the different types of graphite crucible, the first application of crucible, the crucible preheat to 200℃ up and down for 30 minutes, dry 60 minutes, do not feed. The overall objective of volatile crucible bidding is to call the suction water. Prevent outbreaks at the beginning of adoption.

(2)After a preheating, the graphite crucible should be heated to 900℃-1000℃(2 hours up and down) as soon as possible, and heat insulation for 20-30 minutes, and then rise to or drop to all normal working temperature. The overall goal is mainly to better economic development rapid development trend based on scientific research of high purity graphite crucible easy REDOX reaction temperature carried out in the area.

(3)  Graphite crucible generally does not need to be reheated after A preheating, unless the crucible is reheated by water. In the whole process of application, that is, in the process of entering the material, high purity graphite crucible should be maintained to prevent knocking. Apply additions fairly and impartially. When molten metal materials, additives should be used to prevent the corrosion of the crucible wall. The above several aspects are the summary of operation methods of high purity graphite crucible for open ring of refractory insulation materials factory.