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Which industries can the graphite mould be used in?

November 28, 2022

Now, the mould industry is the basic industry of the national economy, and graphite with its good chemical and physical properties has gradually become the preferred material for mould production. It can be seen that the future development of the mold industry and graphite have a complementary relationship. Which industries can graphite moulds be used in?

1Glass forming

Nowadays, graphite mould has become an indispensable mould material in glass manufacturing. It can be used to make moulds for funnel, elbow, glass tube and other special-shaped glass bottles.

2Compression casting

For example, copper alloys and copper alloy castings produced from graphite moulds have been used in automobile parts.

3Hot pressing mould (cemented carbide)

Heating and pressurization are carried out in the same process, and dense sintered bodies can be obtained by sintering in a very short time.

If the pressing temperature is increased to 1350-1450 degrees, the required unit pressure can be reduced to 67-100 kg force/cm2.

4Centrifugal casting

In order to prevent the burning of artificial graphite products, we can take some measures to prevent oxidation. If you find burn damage on the inner surface of the mould after casting a certain number of castings, you may enlarge the size of the inner hole of the mould for casting large sizes sleeve.

5、  Sintered graphite moulds and others

1Sintered mould and stand for making transistors.

2It can be used for casting steel, durability casting for all kinds of non-ferrous metals, cast iron, welding rail for thermite welding, heat resistant metal (titanium, zirconium, molybdenum) for casting.

6Non-ferrous metal continuous casting, semi - continuous casting.

Because graphite products have self-lubrication, good thermal conductivity and other characteristics, this is conducive to improving the casting speed, and the ingot crystallization of uniform organization, accurate size, smooth surface, can be directly into the next process of processing. Function: Reduce scrap rate, save cost, product quality has been greatly improved. Visible, graphite products are very suitable for use in non-ferrous metal continuous casting, semi-continuous casting (such as: aluminum alloy, copper alloy, aluminum, copper, etc.).