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The correct maintenance method of graphite boat

January 11, 2023

Before entering the PE furnace tube, please check whether the graphite boat is in good condition. It is recommended that the pretreatment (saturation) normal time is not recommended in the empty boat state for pretreatment, it is better to install false or waste pieces; Although the operation procedure is longer, the pretreatment time can be shortened and the service life of the boat can be extended. 200-240 minutes; With the increase of cleaning times and time of graphite boat, its saturation time needs to be extended correspondingly. The correct maintenance method of graphite boat is as follows.

1.   Graphite boat storage: Graphite boat should be stored in a dry cleaning environment. Due to the void structure of the graphite itself, it has a certain absorption, and the wet or polluted environment will make the graphite boat after cleaning and drying easy to be polluted or damp again.

2.   Graphite boat components ceramic and graphite parts are fragile materials, in the process of handling or use should try to avoid rubbing; If the components are found to be broken, cracked, loose and other phenomena should be timely replaced and re-locked.

3. Graphite process replacement at fix time: according to the use frequency and time, as well as the actual shadow area of the battery, the graphite boat process should be periodically replaced at fix time. Special replacement equipment for fixing time is recommended for disassembly and installation. The operation of the equipment improves the speed and consistency of assembly and reduces the risk of breakage of the boat.

4.  It is suggested to number and manage the graphite boat, designate and carry out regular cleaning, drying, maintenance and inspection, and designate special personnel to manage; Maintain the stability of graphite boat management and use. The whole graphite boat should be cleaned regularly to replace the ceramic components.

5. During the maintenance of the graphite boat, it is recommended that the components, boat pieces and process sticking points be provided by the graphite boat supplier, so as to avoid damage in the replacement process due to the failure of component accuracy to match the original boat.